The dream of Kitchen Connections is to help make yours come true. If home is where the heart is, then the soul is in the kitchen and since 2002, Kitchen Connections has been committed to designing and installing custom kitchens, tailored to you. From tearing your kitchen apart to putting it back together, Kitchen Connections exists to provide first rate customer service without breaking your piggy bank.

Each of us is responsible for protecting the company’s interests by preventing unauthorized or incorrect use of KITCHEN CONNECTIONS' name and marks.


DOWNLOAD LOGOS here in .ai, .eps, .jpg, and .png file download is .zip file

Our logo is the key building block of our identity, the primary visual element that identifies us. The signature is a combination of the symbol itself and our company name – they have a fixed relationship that should never be changed in any way.

Please do use reverse logos for a darker background and give plenty of space around the logo.

Please don’t alter the logo in any way.

Kicthen Connections Logo
Kitchen Connections Logo


MOSER ENERGY SYSTEMS has TWO official colors: DON JUAN and PALE SLATE. These colors have become a recognizable identifier for the company.

It is the primary color used as the identifying color for the brand. The color is also used in conjunction with black, white, and grey.

Don Juan
WEB: #595456
CMYK: 000 | 006 | 003 | 065
RGB: 089 | 084 | 086

Pale Slate
WEB: #cdcbcc
CMYK: 0 | 001 | 0 | 020
RGB: 205 | 203 | 204

The Bark Firm
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